Types of Hay for Sale

  • Top Quality Meadow Hay

    Meadow Hay is made out of permanent grass which has not been re-seeded for a considerable number of years. These grasses are normally finer, denser, sward and consist of a larger number of varieties of grass. These include wild clover, wild flowers, vetches and tends to be a softer, finer grass. Some of our fields are traditional hay meadows that have never been ploughed or re-seeded.

    £5 per bale Top Quality Meadow Hay (New 2018) 

    Special Offer for 10 bales or more
    10-19 bales £4.75 each
    20 or more bales £4.50 each
    Pack of 21 bales £90 each

    Top Quality Meadow Hay (Old 2017) – large bales
    £35 per bale for 3′ x 3′ x 8′ (0.9m x 0.9m x 2.4m) bales

    £5 per bale Top Quality Meadow Hay (Old 2017) 

    We have very few bales of 2017 hay left (once they’re gone, they’re gone!)

    Special Offer for 5 bales or more
    5-9 bales £4.50 each
    10-24 bales £4.25 each
    25 bales or more £4.00 each

    Top Quality Seeds Hay

    Seeds hay is made mostly from a rye grass mixture, which lasts from 1 to 3 years from planting. After this period the land has to be re-planted with a new grass seed or with a different crop, e.g cereals. This type of hay is more difficult to make as it has thicker harder stems and, therefore, contains extra sap that requires a longer drying period. Seeds Hay is also made earlier in the season when the sun is less predominant and the soil is high in moisture. When the weather conditions are less favourable it is very often necessary to blow cold air through the haystack in order to reduce its moisture content and prevent it from heating and going mouldy in the barn.

    Top Quality Large Bale Seeds Hay (Old 2017)
    £35 per bale for 3′ x 3′ x 8′ (0.9m x 0.9m x 2.4m) bales

    Top Quality Soft Seeds Hay

    Soft seeds hay is made from the same grass type as above but is made later in the season when the grass stems are smaller, hence creating a softer hay bale. It is easier to make this because it is made in July when the weather conditions are normally better and the ground is dryer. The crop tends to be thinner in volume per acre; hence it requires a shorter drying period.

    Soft Seeds Hay

    We decided not to make soft seeds hay for the 2017 season

    Top Quality Haylage

    Haylage is a forage for horses made from grass that is cut earlier than hay and turned until the correct dry matter is achieved.  The haylage is baled in round bales and wrapped in plastic to seal it. A natural fermentation process takes place, which preserves the grass and its nutrients and results in highly palatable dust free forage low in mould spores.

    £30 – Top Quality Haylage – High dry matter made from seeds grass (4′ diameter round bales)