The Hay Making Process

  • Mowing grass for hay in 2006

    When the grass is mature enough and fine weather predicted, then the hay making process begins with mowing.

    Mown grass for hay in 2006

    The grass cannot be baled immediately after being mown, as the moisture content is too high. These neat rows of grass will be turned in order that the sun dries the grass.

    Turning hay in 1955

    The machinery used to make top quality hay today has changed little from that used in 1955.

    The actual processes used to make hay have not changed much since then.  The grass is dried naturally but often turned mechanically in order to accelerate this process.

    Baling Top Quality Hay in 2006


    Once the grass is dry enough it is ready to bale. The bales are automatically arranged into groups of 8 in order that they can be mechanically lifted onto the trailer that will transport them back to the barn.

    Loading Top Quality Hay in the field

    Although the hay is arranged in flat 8’s, there is a certain amount of rearranging required to make them fit on the trailer that will take them back to the barn.

    Stacking Top Quality Hay in the barn

    More mechanisation is used to stack the top quality hay into the barn. This preserves the hay for sale and ensures that the quality is retained ready for animals that will feed on it.