•  New 2018 Meadow Hay in Stock

    Welcome to topqualityhay.co.uk. We sell many types of animal forage and bedding including, prize winning meadow and seeds hay, silage, haylage and straw. All forage and bedding is produced by the Walker Family on the farm and is available by collection only from Moreton Fields Farm in Kimblewick near Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

    All the grassland is free from ragwort. The grass fields are maintained using sheep and cattle in the late summer, autumn and winter when hay is not produced. This helps maintain soil fertility, minimises use of artificial fertilisers and insures that the grass matures at the correct time of year for haymaking.

    Low Cost Top Quality Hay

    Prices start from just £4 for conventional sized pick up bales. Below is an example of what is available.

    New 2018 Hay

    This season we have brand new hay available as single bales or in packs of 21.  This year the bales are slightly larger and much denser than previous years to ensure customers get maximum value and more hay per bale.

    Meadow Hay – Small Bales
    Price Quantity
    1-9 bales £5 each
    10-19 bales £4.75 each
    20 or more bales £4.50 each
    Pack of 21 bales £90.00 each

    Old Hay (2017 Season)

    We have a a very limited stock of old 2017 hay left the bales are conventional pick up bales.

    Meadow Hay – Small Bales
    Price Quantity
    1-4 bales £5 each
    5-9 bales £4.50 each
    10-24 bales £4.25 each
    25 bales or more £4.00 each


    Meadow and Seeds Hay – Large Bales
    Price Size
    £35 each 3′ x 3′ x 8′ (0.9m x 0.9m x 2.4m) bales


    Wheat Straw 2017 – Small Bales
    Price Type and Size
    £2.5 each Wheat Straw Small Bales

    Top quality hay is available for collection only by prior arrangement (we are unable to provide a delivery service).

    Reasons for choosing Top Quality Hay as your Hay Supplier:

    We have been making top quality hay for over 60 years and the experience we have gained has enabled us to win numerous awards for quality hay in local farming club and regional area competitions. The hay is judged on its smell, nutrient content and appearance. We pride ourselves on making hay of the best  possible quality for our customers.